There are many things to consider when you are determining the best commercial window treatments in Katy, Spring, The Woodlands & Cypress, TX. Window treatments used to be more about fashion but now have become important to the overall design of the building. They are as important to architects as proper HVAC systems and lighting systems. Properly designed window treatments in Katy, Spring, The Woodlands & Cypress, TX will reduce solar heat gain, provide proper daylighting and eliminate unnecessary glare, and the list goes on.

Reducing Solar Heat Gain

Your air conditioning costs in the summer can be astonishing. 50% of your cooling and heating bill will be lost through windows. Designing your building with the proper window coverings will take this into consideration and save you money right away. Choosing the right fabric and styles is necessary and your window fashions consultant can help you make the best choices.

Proper Daylighting With No Glare

Using natures light to help reduce lighting costs can be an energy efficient way to reduce your utility bills. Natural light is also less stressful for your buildings occupants. Commercial window treatments in Houston that focus on daylighting allow occupants to enjoy the outdoors without having harmful UV rays, annoying glare and troublesome heat entering into the room. Your window fashions consultant can help you achieve the right light control, as well as, the desired privacy control.

Commercial Window Treatments In Houston Work With Your Buildings Systems

When it comes to selecting commercial window treatments, you want to make sure your designs reduce stress to other building systems. We have witnessed window treatments that have covered ducts and heating vents causing these systems to work harder. Your window treatments need to work with these systems not against them.

Can Be Automated

Houston commercial window treatments that are automated to work with your security software can add an element of technology to your window covering systems that will enhance the overall fa├žade and provide the right environment for your building. There are many options and devices available to help with your window treatments to ensure they are user friendly and easy to operate.

Provide For Health And Safety Of Future Occupants

With today's green standards and safety regulations, commercial window treatments in Houston must meet industry standards for health and safety. Many products on the market are designed for institutional and commercial considerations. Your window fashions consultant can help you choose the right products, details and treatments to ensure your commercial window coverings in Houston are commercial quality and meet prescribed standards.

Priced Right Blinds & Shutters

We carry some of the most innovative solutions for commercial window treatments in Houston. Schedule you consultation today to speak with our window fashion consultant and see what possibilities await you.